BMW Bikers!

Few events at MCV render us speechless, but the recent visit
by the BMW Bikers certainly did! 
With lavish love, they rode in with baskets full of Christmas goodies
and needed household items.  To the
great delight of our children, proceeded to give personal rides to all who
desired.  From our toddlers to our
mamas- we experienced the amazing thrill as we rode with our new friends!
In addition to the beautiful gifts they brought, they also
presented two checks for the village! 
Thank you again Wymoth/BMW friends and Willem/Numbi Hotel for your kind
generosity in thinking of MCV this Christmas!  It was indeed an unforgettable day!  More pictures are posted on our MCV website-
And on a personal note- I (Teisa) even went for a ride!  This is a huge thing since I have been terrified of motor bikes my whole life….When my mother was young, she was in a horrible accident which severely scared her leg.  I would look at her scar and my heart always filled with fear…till last Sunday.  I faced my fears and went for a wild ride!  Yeah Jesus!!!