Bible school update

Thank you again for standing with us! This month, we want focus on a specific area which we have not shared much about previously- our work with the Bible School students and pastors of Northern Mozambique. We host 100-200 men/women every 3 months (4 sessions a year) within our Iris Bible School. Students come from all over northern and central Mozambique to study and learn the Word of God. Jean and I both teach classes for the 2nd year students. We love it! We especially love to see the students return the next year on fire for God! Each student is able to return up to 4 years. After successfully graduating the 4th year, they are offered a church to pastor (some exceptions are made for churches without anyone but 1-3 year student).

This summer was our first time hosting a discipleship group of 12 students in our home! We were so blessed to really pour into our group. Almost every week we answered questions which our students asked- everything from questions about marriage to how sin entered the earth. On our last group, we were so blown away by the testimonies of how God used our group…Rodriguez (4th year) shared how the group was one of the greatest ways of God demonstrating His personal love for him and how he wants to love people the same way he has experienced love from our group!!! Others shared about how God impacted them thru our times of prayer, worship, and studying His Word.

Two weeks ago we celebrated the graduation of 85 students! We had a Holy Ghost party full of dancing, worship, and prayer. The staff and visitors laid hands on the students for impartation. This is always such a special time for our continually growing family. Many of these men return to such harsh conditions and extreme poverty, so they are desperate to receive all that God has for them!

This week we have welcomed another 100 new students. Jean is pretty busy helping get the students organized and settled. Yesterday, we tag-teamed preached to our new arrivals in the Encounter (3 days of encountering Jesus to springboard the school).

Thank you again for making this amazing ministry possible. Jean and I are so humbled to be a part of these men’s lives! May we only see more and more of the Kingdom of God advancing on earth as it is in heaven!!