Forgive us for another lull in communication☹  Please know there is never a lull in Holy Ghost activity here, just in the ability to properly communicate it!  As always, we strive everyday to see Jesus in the one before us….asking the question “What does love look like today” to the ones He brings along our path.  Doing our best to balance this beautiful journey of loving HIM first and then our neighbor….while loving and training the little ladies of the tribe…Can you believe Johanna turns four next week!!!  And Gloria is a fearless, unstoppable toddler with such delicious cuteness, it is crazy hard to not drop everything and just devour her daily?  So we are grateful for the glorious grace which allows emails, FB, blogs, newsletters, etc go neglected while we champion the one before us!

We just wanted to quickly testify about our new car!   So many of you know our family struggle with having one vehicle (that I could not drive because I never mastered the standard).  After almost 6 years of grace for this situation- we realized the grace had run out.  Jean put a “fleece” of sorts out to Lord in early December that if $10,000 came in for our personal support, we would take the plunge and buy a car.  Although, we know God is able to provide that amount and much more- it was still kinda ‘pie in the sky’ request.  But do you know exactly $10,000 came in!!!  There was maybe $20 extra for the first tank of gas!

So we feel like Jesus kissed us again with this amazing blessing of a car.  So we named her ‘Beijo’ which is Portuguese for kiss☺  Every time we drive her, we are reminded for His lavish love which kisses us daily in so many ways…

We are praying for HIS kisses to be felt in your life.  May we each pause constantly and enjoy our Jesus and His face in the ones before us. 

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.
Song of Songs 1:1-3