Day 13 High care

Day 13 High Care- We had the most amazing day with Gloria- her x-ray was spotless, blood counts great, breast-feeding went wonderful; we just sent out our victory email to those who have emailed us recently…And then she stopped breathing (very briefly) AHHHHHHHH! So she will still be under observation for another day/or two (longer if it happens again). Come on Jesus- manifest your healing power for our Glory girl!

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Day 12- ICU/High Care

Day 12- ICU/High Care

They took Gloria off the ventilator at 7AM. She had to be in an oxygen tent for a few hours, but she was breathing so well, the tent was not needed! Her mornings x-ray also showed her lungs were completely clear! Her blood work also was amazing. They finished the antibiotics yesterday, so she is no longer on any medicine! Our doctor is going to allow me to breast-feed her tomorrow and if she can feed well and maintain her vitals during any coughing fits, she may be able to go home this weekend!!!! Glory to God- our Glory girl is healed! Lets pray together for continued clear lungs (she needs 1-2 more clear x-rays), no problems while feeding, and strong vitals to prove to the doctors what we know in Christ!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has lifted our sweet one before the Father! We are so in awe of our global family for the amazing love poured out! And to everyone who has sent us support to help us with the medical bills- we are so grateful and blessed! In just one week, over a third of what we need to pay the medical bills has come in…We are greatly encouraged and really excited to see how He continues to provide! What a glorious Daddy!!!

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Day 11 In ICU

Day 11 ICU I (Jean) just talked to the doc early this morning. He is very pleased with how she is doing and hopes to take her off oxygen (ventilator) Thursday AM and downgrade her status to High Care. However x-rays are showing that the right lung still needs to improve. She is now completely off sedation and the ventilator is on auto-pilot. Please continue to pray with us for a supernatural speedy recovery and total healing of her body!

Day 11 in ICU (part 2- Teisa)- We just got home from our evening visit and time of prayer with local pastors/friends/missionaries…His presence was amazing as we joined faith together for Gloria’s complete healing! We took communion together rejoicing in the manifest glory being poured out on us/Gloria thru the body and blood of Jesus. Pastor Surprise and Jean then went into Gloria’s ICU room to anoint her with oil and release more of the kingdom of heaven on earth. We are believing tomorrow will be her last day in ICU- pray with us!!!

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Day 10 in ICU

Day 10 ICU- Another good day! They have had to increase the oxygen at times, but they have continued to decrease the pressure of the ventilator to prepare her for being off it soon…maybe tomorrow or Thursday! She was awake a lot today- it is so wonderful to see her precious blue eyes again. Her blood work looked great today, so pray with us that her red/white blood cell counts remain where they need to be! She also had more tests to see if the pneumonia is gone…

If you are local- please join us for a special prayer gathering at her Neo-Natal ICU at Medi-clinic at 7PM. Pastor Surprise is home from traveling, so we are excited to gather the local elders to pray over Gloria. Join us if you can!

We also covet your prayers for the divine provision for all the medical bills…whoooeeee…. they are adding up. We do not have medical insurance:( But we know God is faithful! Our ministry covering in America has set up a special account to help at this time….they hope to do a wire transfer of any support which comes in by Friday. Please feel free to email us for any additional information on this! teisamarie@yahoo.com

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Day 9 in ICU

Today we heard the word my heart longed for “STABLE!” Yippee!!!! We are still contending for ‘completely healed,’ but we are quite happy to finally make this coveted milestone. Gloria is now on only 30% oxygen…Other miracles include her lungs getting better numbers each time they do this special test…they hope to take her off the ventilator on Wed or Thursday! Tonight/tomorrow they will be weening her off the sedation to she how she copes with things…so please pray for Jean and I too. It is very hard to see her awake struggling against the machines…

Thank you soooo much for everyone standing with us in prayer, love , and support. We have never felt so loved and shielded…please continue to lift up our sweet angel….she must be the most prayed for little gal in all of Nelspruit right now!

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How to help…

The battle rages on, but we are greatly encouraged by the daily miracles and improvements in Gloria’s condition…we have also experienced some setbacks too.  Regardless of what takes place in the natural, we have set our hearts on Him and accessing heaven for our baby.  Join us in declaring Isaiah 60/Romans 8:18 over her! Gloria remains on several machines under sedation in her Isolation room, so we cannot stop praying and declaring His promises!

On another note- Pay Pal is now working!  Someone at PayPal received our prayer update after it had been forwarded a few times!!! They took care of the problem without any hassle for us.

MIA has also established a special account to help with Gloria’s medical expenses (see below).  We are so grateful for this and everyone emailing us asking how to help.  Please be led by the Spirit…we do need help.  It has only been 8 days and we have already gone thru our savings and credit card….

To give towards Gloria’s medical expenses:

Missionaries in Action (MIA)
PO Box 970
Killen AL 35645

Make ck out to MIA, but include a note in byline- Gloria
All gifts will be tax-deductible and 100% will be used for Gloria’s medical bills and recovery.

If giving via PayPal- just include a note when giving that it is for Gloria and MIA will make sure it gets transferred to the proper account!

MIA will continue to receive gifts in the usual way for us (where you write Jean/Teisa in byline).  We are grateful for this support as well….but we really need as much support as possible to go towards Gloria’s bills for now.

We love and bless you!  Your emails and FB messages bring us such life and encouragement.  Just keep praying!!!  Our heavenly Father works all things for good…even in the darkest moments of this week; we have seen/felt His love so preciously.  We can’t wait for the testimonies to come.  Below is Jean praying for Gloria in her current Isolation room…Can’t wait to send the picture of Gloria receiving her father’s love at home in Backdoor

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Day 8 in ICU

Day 8 in ICU- Urgent Prayer needed! The nurses just told us Gloria is also struggling with pneumonia which is resistant to the antibiotics which doctors have tried….We need to join our faith in declaring wholeness and healing over Gloria now because this attack is absolutely not resistant to Jesus! He is victorious over this sickness! Lets specifically pray for her left lung where this morning’s x-ray showed several mucus plugs…

Gloria is more awake and opening her eyes….Although this is a good thing, it is not easy to watch her struggle with all the machines….Honestly, it was easier when she was sleeping and at peace.

Leaving for the hospital now to hopefully talk to the weekend doctor (our doctor is off this weekend). Believing Dr. Jesus for a good report!!!

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Pay Pal is working again!

Glory!  One of our supporters sent our prayer update to local intercessors in Bellevue, Neb where a dear lady saw our PayPal issue and called her son who happens to work at Paypal….he was able to reactivate our account without any problems!  Yeah God!

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Day 7 in ICU

Happy 1 month birthday to our glorious fighter- Gloria Grace!!!! Another decent night…she is coughing more which gives us some concern, so we need to keep up the strong prayer shield! Other things are improving though like her oxygen level is being lowered on the ventilator- yeah God! She is also being fed breast milk via a feeding tube in her stomach- another huge milestone of improvement. So we are seeing daily miracles–keep praying for more to come!

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Day 6 in ICU

Gloria had another good night and day- two in a row!!!! Come on Jesus!!!

Mucus continues to be heavy, but it is thinner each day which is very good. Gloria had another blood transfusion today due to her low red blood cell count, so lets all pray that the only blood she needs anymore is the blood of JESUS!

Please pray for our MCV staff and kids. The amazing missionaries from New Zealand who came to assist with MCV during my maternity rest, the Marquets, – they are having symptoms for whopping cough. Ella is 4.5 months pregnant and they have a 1 year son….we also have two babies and two young girls coughing at MCV, so please pray divine healing for our entire SA family.

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