Africa School of Missions Team

We recent hosted a team of students from Africa School of Missions for a week of intense ministry and outreach. The eight students are from the neighborly community of Masoi and currently are enrolled in the pre-nursing program at ASM. It was thrilling to watch these students pour into the local community/MCV. One of the highlights from the week of ministry was during home visits when the team prayed for a dying man in Backdoor. The man was critically ill and his home was in such horrendous state- the team could not properly breath inside the house (the odors were extremely overwhelming). Without any prompting from us, the team responded by returning the next day and thoroughly cleaning the man’s house and yard. Many of the team testified that God used the experience to change their calling from just nursing to being a missionary via nursing! We are excited and blessed to be a part of God’s amazing adventure of love and destiny for these students. We also look forward to an ongoing ministry partnership with ASM and these future South African world changers!