Africa Cup of Nations

I believe every child in South Africa (who watches the
professional soccer matches on TV) has dreamed of being the kid who escorts the
player on the field….Well, for many of our kids at MCV- that dream has come
On Jan 26, our kids along with some peer friends from
Backdoor, proudly represented South Africa in the Africa Cup of Nations
(Ethiopia vs Burkina Faso).  It was
a day to forever be remembered and talked about!   For some the greatest highlight was walking hand and
hand with a celebrated soccer star into Mbombela stadium, which was full on
20,000 screaming fans…For others, it was celebrating with their houseparents
during the game.  Maybe for others,
it was staying at a luxury hotel for one night!  
Since many of the other MCV children were unable to qualify
for this honor due to age or height requirements, we had a special party for
them centered on watching their brothers and sisters on the TV.  We screamed and jumped for joy at the
little glimpses of each family member….another moment to never be forgotten!
We are so grateful for the opportunity given to our dear
children by Reach for a Dream and AFCON! 
Thank you sooo much for making dreams come true for our kids!!
Visit the MCV website for pictures!